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  • LF cuttings

    The summer wiped out a few of my younger plants. Now I have drip installed and am ready to try this again.

    Looking for Figo Preto, Black Madeira, JH adriatic, San Miguel Roxo, flanders, RDB, VDB, strawberry verte. Open to others as well. In Monroe, LA.



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    What do you have to trade?


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      I can send you some RdB.


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        Lebowski, I have most of the LSU varieties, celeste from an old tree, brown turkey, texas everbearing, conadria, peters honey. I would have to go look at my tags becasue I know I have some more. I also brought back some cuttings from the piedmont in italy and from provence. Not sure what they are yet.

        Tangomango, that would be great, thanks. When would you take cuttings? A few months from now? We are just getting are first cold front (mid 50's)


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          I have VdB and Strawberry Verte that need pruning, but I don't do it till late winter. 10 bucks will cover 3 cuttings of each. You may find them beforehand, but if needed PM me in February. I send cuttings the day I take them.