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    Northeast Texas, near Canton (I20).
    All of my figs are young, most from cuttings last winter.
    Northeast Texas, 8a


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      Hey guys, any of you in TX have an RdB you could take an airlayer from?
      I lost my cuttings and want to get a hold of a plant if possilbe.
      Monterrey, MX Zone 10b // San Antonio,TX Zone 9a
      WL: Thermalito, Exquisito, CC, Zaffiro, Siblawi, HdA, Calderona, Flanders, GM 172, Grise de St. Jean


      • FigLOVIN
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        Hello Mateo. PM ing!

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      I'm in Harlingen, got 23 varieties of figs. Also got 20 varieties of mangoes and some other assorted stuff.


      • CliffH
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        Seaj - They are saying that they live in Harlingen, Texas.

      • Seaj
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        Thanks Cliff dont think i would have figured that one out, I've only live in Texas a few years so still have some exploring to do!

      • CliffH
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        There's a lot of great stuff to find and explore. But good luck! I've been here over twenty years, done a lot of driving and exploring, and we've still only scratched the surface on everything to do.

        Then, of course, you're going to spend all your spare time for the next few years take care of your fig tree babies....

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      Hello all from sugar land! Right next to houston folks! Currently growing in ground:
      1. desert king - did not know i need a fig wasp so all fruit are not ripening ... will remove
      2. peters honey - baby plant

      cuttings growing in pots
      1. heirloom blue celeste from neighbor whose grandma brought to beaumont in 1904 from italy
      2. celeste
      3. black mission
      4. unknown from my uncle in irvine, supposed to be very sweet
      5. unknown cutting from a neighbor in rosenberg
      still a newb, but have been hit by the fig-bug!

      Also growing other fruit trees: dwarf mulberry, pickering mango, pink guava, moringa, curry plants and of course tomatoes/peppers.

      Sugar Land, Texas, Zone 9a
      Fig newbie learning to root cuttings, air layer and eventually graduate to grafting


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        If you’re in the Houston area, I found out today that JRN Nursery on Breen Road sells their used nursery pots for pennies on the dollar depending on size. I’m fuzzy on the pricing, I think the lady said 30cents for a 5 gal? I picked up a dozen half gallons, five of the 3 gal and four of the 5 gal pots, and a bunch of herbs and vincas for like 18$.
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        Genesis - HTX Zone 9a
        WL: Bourjasotte Grise - Excel - Flanders - CLBC - Breva de Galicia - Siblawi - Strawberry Verte - Marseilles Black VS - JH Adriatic


        • CliffH
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          Good to know. I actually plan to head there today, if I can get some time off work this afternoon. I wanted to look at their loquats and citrus.

        • Figs
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          Thank you for letting us know. I will plan to go there and pick up some.

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        I'm in Kyle tx I'm growing Flanders, Violette de Bordeaux, panache, and Celeste. Then some unknown figs. But I've started cutting on the varieties about. Look forward to trading!


        • Fleming
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          How do you like Flanders fig?

        • Texasfruitgrower
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          I haven't got to try the Flanders yet. I just planted them this year and cut them down upon planting so I'm rooting those cuttings. But it's definitely very productive. Every node has a fruit pretty much so hopefully I'll get to try some later this year.

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        Hello all: I am in Southeast Houston area, just started some figs from cuttings. They are amazing.


        • FigLOVIN
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          Hello! Its kind of crazy the handle “Figs” just barely got taken.
          Welcome to the forum Figs

        • CliffH
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          Welcome. Always good to have another Houstonian join. There are actually a lot of us fig people in town, but many are not very active on the forum.

          You might want to post a general Intro on the main forum page too.

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        Thank you FigLOVIN and CliffH for warm welcome.
        Hi all: We are just starting our fig collection with Celeste, Brown Turkey, and LSU Purple. I hope to collect many more this year.


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          Hi All fellow texans and fig lovers: I am kind of a book-worm, so would like to collect good books or articles on Figs. I have seen TAMU article on suggested fig varieties for TX (https://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/...t/fig/fig.html) but haven't found more of the published literature on fig cultivars. Please suggest if you know of any good article / books on figs. Thank you-


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          I’ve heard this book is a pretty good read: https://treesofjoy.com/product/pre-o...nds-by-m-pons/
          Genesis - HTX Zone 9a
          WL: Bourjasotte Grise - Excel - Flanders - CLBC - Breva de Galicia - Siblawi - Strawberry Verte - Marseilles Black VS - JH Adriatic


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            Thank you all for great suggestions. I am starting with Ira Condit. I also found a monograph of fig varieties - https://ucanr.edu/datastoreFiles/391-296.pdf


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              Good sized fig trees for in state shipment only.

              Deep in the heart of Texas
              zone 8b


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                Anyone in or near the Houston area might be interested in this post on nursery pots.


                5 gallon buckets:
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                Texas (N. Houston area) - zone 8b
                Wish List: Col Littman's Black Cross, Rubado, Calderona, GM-172, and GM-25


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                  I am going to have a few extras of a couple varieties this year, anyone local who wants to trade with their extras, especially something that is listed below in my wants list, or a fig that does really well for you in this area that you love, message me!

                  Probably going to have an extra plant of:
                  LSU Gold
                  LSU Purple
                  JH Adriatic
                  Possibly a Bourjassotte Gris...
                  i can also air layer an Improved Celeste

                  I am in Fort Worth, Texas.
                  Wishlist:Violette de Sollies, CdDN, RdB, Petite Negri, Franks Salerno, Florea, LSU tiger, Longue d’aout, black jack, marseilles white, Brooklyn white.


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                  I am new and just getting started in Georgetown, TX
                  Growing in pots:
                  Letizia, Celeste,
                  Black Italian,
                  BM grafted from JFE
                  278-128 airlayer from Wills (Golden Riverside),
                  Yellow Long Neck (Wellspring so it is little right now)
                  LSU Purple - I have started an air-layer on this a couple of weeks ago.

                  Cuttings started from a neighbor this spring:
                  Brown Turkey
                  Unknown purple they are rooted and started to have baby figs - suspect it cd be Texas ever bearing but we shall see.

                  Just started rooting cuttings:
                  Galicia Negra (figbid)
                  Noire de Caromb (eBay- let’s hope it is a solid seller).

                  Other Trees:
                  Meyer’s Lemon - I have a couple cuttings that are rooted
                  Wurtz Avocado
                  Pear-Starking Delicious from Stark Bro’s young trees.

                  Would love to have:
                  Maltese Beauty
                  Izbat An Naj

                  Love to do some horse trading! We have chickens so eggs too when we can catch the darn rat snake eating the eggs!
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