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  • ISO: White Madeira #1 & I-258

    Looking for one or two cuttings of white madeira, not sure how expensive they are, can someone send me a price quote?

    I might be able to get I-258 locally in a month, but if you can ship a cutting of I-258 along with w. madeira, thats even better.

    I don’t have much to trade, have a rooted LSU tiger, brooklyn white, and few others.

    Wish list: White Madeira #1

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    Willamette Valley Oregon, zone 8b. WL: zaffiro, rodgrod, campaniere, CLBC, de la Gloria, thermalito, del sen juame gran, Sangue dolce, Black ischia, Jack Lily, verdolino, Syrian dark, rubado, sodus Sicilian, Burgan, Figo preto de Torres novas, i258, raasti, white triana


    • Stela G
      Stela G commented
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      Great seller and priced to go quick, jump on those.

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    I put both wm#1 and I-258 on figbid today


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      Central Florida zone 9b
      Wish List Thermalito, Exquisito, BFF