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  • List of Varieties For trade (some rare ones/some more common)

    Variety: Source:
    Abebereia (svanessa)
    Adriatic (JH) *green cuttings* (strudeldog)
    Figo Preto (svanessa)
    GM #175 (gorgi)
    Hative d’Argenteuil ?
    Ischia Black (WillsC)
    Longue d’Aout (Axier)
    Martinenca Rimada (branch tips) (Harvey)
    Native Black (WillsC)
    Paratjal Rimada (sm diameter pcs @ about pencil thick) (Harvey)
    Violeta (Branch tips) (Harvey)
    Scott’s Yellow (Dan_La)
    Smith (mostly green Pcs) (WillsC)
    Violet Sepor (R. Watts)
    White Madeira #1 (a bit thinner than a pencil. Best suited for grafting) (from Harvey)
    Yellow Long Neck (R. Watts as “Long Yellow”)

    Varieties I’m Looking For:
    Col de Dama Mutante
    Col de Dama Rimada
    Rigato del Selento (B Version) PB
    Bordissott Negra-Rimada
    Col de Dama Gegantina
    Dels Ermitans

    I realize some of the ones I'm looking for are in pretty high demand. For this reason, I would be willing to trade two varieties from my list for just one piece of one of the more "rare" varieties.
    I look forward to hearing from you all.
    Zone 6b. West KY.
    My eBay username is fruitnut.
    Fig Well and Prosper!