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  • ISO exchange cuttings: BNR, CdDR, BFF, WM#1..

    Hello! I am interested in cuttings exchange.

    I am looking for cuttings:
    Bordissot Negra Rimada
    Coll de Dama Rimada
    White Madeira #1
    Rigato del Salento PB
    Coll de Dama Gegantina
    Calderona (syn. Paratjal Negra)
    and maybe some others.

    Currently, I can offer cuttings:
    Uzbek Yellow
    Sweet Croatia Unk
    Lampeira Preta
    Ronde de Bordeaux
    Violette de Bordeaux
    Sukhumi Violet
    Portuguese San Pedro Unk
    Bourjassotte Noire Unk
    Desert King
    Violette from Crimea Unk
    Hardy Chicago
    Brown Turkey

    These all (except for LP) have fruited for me and I can show fig photos on request.
    For people who want additional decorative value of their fig tree or a healthier strain: these varieties don't have fmv (clean leaves without any sign of mosaic).
    I can also offer cuttings of some rare hardy kiwis, frost hardy kiwi, persimmon, apricots.

    I am interested in varieties that have fruited true to type for you or your source is trusted (Harvey for instance).
    I am interested to exchange several varieties when possible.
    If you can be interested, send me a private message only (no need for "pm sent" comment).


    83036372_785262665309570_8503213593066471424_o.jpgwatermarked - 90323FF3-579C-411D-AB1F-237B6561CE6D.jpgwatermarked - watermarked - 2DF3AC39-6106-4BEB-9730-D747046C1AE3.jpgwatermarked - IMG_2308.JPGwatermarked - IMG_1692.JPGwatermarked - pic_6396 (2).jpg82053729_785262478642922_7712412948827734016_o.jpg
    Yevhen, zone 5b, Ukraine
    Wish list (cuttings): BFF, Labritja, RdS(bifera), WM1, GNAF(or I-258) and some others. Contact me in PM for exchange. I grow 30+ fig varieties and many other fruit plants.

  • #2
    Yevhen, your figs look delicious.

    It is unfortunate but the importation of fig cuttings, even with a phytosanitary certificate, into the USA is prohibited by APHIS/USDA.

    Export of cuttings from USA is ok but may require a phytosanitary certificate for the recipient country.
    Zone 9b
    S of Tampa Bay, FL