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  • ISO Sbayi and Zaffiro (and a couple others)

    Looking to trade some cuttings. I know Zaffiro might be a little bit of a stretch. I can offer freshly cut (last time I checked):

    Chicago Hardy
    Green Ischia
    Sweet Joy
    Bourjasotte Noir
    Adriatic JH
    Genovese Nero AF (just 1 cutting)
    Strawberry Verte
    St. Rita
    Emerald Strawberry
    LSU Purple
    Long Yellow
    Takoma Violet
    White Marseilles

    Willing to do an uneven (but reasonable) swap for Zaffiro especially. I can make multiple good sized cuttings out of all of the above, with the exception of Genovese Nero AF, since I've already pruned it down a bit and don't want to go too low.

    I'll also entertain trades for Rodgrod, Honey Plum, and Grantham's Royal.

    PM me if interested.


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    I got the one below as a gift as along with two other varieties which didn't ripen for me because of my short season, this one did ftuit pics below. The cuttings got mixed up, they were supposed to be sbayi and a green and black unknown Palestinians varieties, Im %90 sure its sbayi and %100 sure its from Palestine. I can trade you for Izbat if you would like.
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    Chicago Zone 5a/5b


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      I don't think that's Zaffiro. Zaffiro is a dark skinned fig. Ill post pics stby.

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      Billboard I was talking about Sbayi

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      Gotcha. Misunderstood. NP.

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    Got Honey Plum, Zaffiro, Sbayi all lined up now. Still interested in Rodgrod and Grantham's Royal.