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  • Praying mantis eggs

    ****DONE ****

    Hey i collected a good amount of mantis egg sacs this year. If someone would some id be willing to trade fot some cuttings. Im looking for
    figo preto
    Yellow long neck
    Red Isreal
    Lsu tiger
    lsu Champagne
    Any good ones . Better the variety the more egg sacs ill give. Pm me.
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    Awesome trade idea!!! I love it!!! I’ve got a Preto airlayer how many eggs would that earn me? And I could set an AL on Tiger once she wakes up.

    I’ve released ladybugs and have plenty of lacewings around, but other than the occasional preying mantis, I’ve never added them to my garden. Is there a way do it that works best, obviously they need to be hatched.
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    • Billboard
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      I had to go count but i will give you 40 to 45 egg sacs. Each egg sac can hold 100 to 600 eggs. On the other had not all will hatch. I have read that some egg sacs are decoys. The animals eat them. When put outside all over the squirrel watches and will go eat them. They are protien and coming out of winter their hungry. So watch where you place them. Once you get them keep them cold and 3 to 4 weeks till spring spread them around the yard. Just google it. Ill give 40 that leaves me 25 thats way more than enough.

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    Cool, I still have to let the Preto wake up before I can cut it off. I set it late last summer so it probably needs to set some more roots before it’s ready, is that still cool? If not I’ve got others you might be interested in
    Wish list. White Baca, Rigato de Salento PB, Iranian Candy, Nerucciolo D’Elba, Saint Martin, Burgan UNK


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      This is awesome. Praying mantises are my favorite.
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        Our daughter had show and tell in school many years ago. Her subject was a Mantis Egg Mast. The teacher keep the egg mass over the weekend, Monday morning yielded 100’s of baby mantises in all corners of the room. OOPS!
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        • Dtownfigs
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          Haha that’s so funny as I was thinking of sending some to school with both my kids.

        • jjgarden
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          i can't stop laughing. So bad, but so comical IMO. Face palm

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        Dtownfigs, Just don’t leave them in a heated room!
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