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  • Before you post on this trading board PLEASE READ.

    This board is going to be for trading only "officially," no open sales. The reason for this is I walk a fine line with the friendly folks at eBay and I do mention in my ads the forum (as I hope all those that sell do) and if the sales are open and on a regular basis they could remove our right to mention Ourfigs. While that may seem not a big deal, it does bring us a lot of new members. I have to be careful because while I consider this forum as belonging to the community, to us all collectively, and that I am merely the somewhat unwilling curator of it, my name is on the site as "owner" and thoughts of trying to explain that distinction to eBay, well, it is giving me a headache just thinking about it.


    You can start threads and say you have this this and this for TRADE and looking for this that and the other, or however you see fit. You can also simply say "I have BT plants available, PM me for details." What you folks talk about and work out in the privacy of PM's is your business, as Fabio would say capisce? If a thread states in the title for example "BT for sale" or "for sale" in the post itself it will be removed or the wording changed as the moderators see fit.

    You can make threads with everything you have available for people to look over and contact you if they are interested, or as I said be specific and state what exactly you have and what you want. You can make threads that say "you are looking for ..." The trades will be on the board and no links to outside sales sites please.

    Please try to limit started threads on this board to 3 active threads per person. Of course you can have multiple items per thread.

    If your item is traded away and it is after the time limit where you can edit it let a moderator know and they will edit the thread to reflect the change for you.

    No auction-type listings.

    You can also use this board for other varieties of plants, does not have to be strictly figs.

    You should state in the thread where you will or will not ship, example "CA okay" or not, "international okay" or not.

    This board is intended for trades and other.....for NON COMMERCIAL members only. I have no desire to provide free advertising for commercial sellers on a forum I pay for. I am a commercial seller of figs and I do not sell on ourfigs. Who is commercial and who is not is a judgement call by the moderators collectively.

    For plants or cuttings, sales or auctions, lottos etc. that benefit Ourfigs itself to pay our hosting domain and other forum related expenses those would still go on the main forum page and are always appreciated. Also threads to benefit a charity or help a member in the case of illness and such can go on the main board as well but before posting one of that type please PM me so we can discuss it to make sure it is appropriate. If you find this board helpful to you a small percentage donated to the site is always welcome but is voluntary on the honor system.

    Reserve the right to make changes to any of these guidelines and rules in the future.

    Ourfigs is of course not responsible for and has no control over any trades or "other" that happen on the Trading board, it is strictly between the members so PLEASE use your own due diligence as best you can to check out the plants and people doing the trading or "other" to satisfy yourself that everything is on the up and up. Asking on the main board for input on a member is ok and encouraged. We will keep an eye on what goes on but if there is a problem with a deal there is nothing we can do to help right a wrong BUT if there is a problem do let me or a moderator know and we will watch out for, keep track of, and take reports on trades that have issues and if it is necessary and we feel warranted via a majority vote of the moderators we can remove a member's ability to post to this trading board.
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    Cutting sales start Nov 1 at 9PM eastern time as always at

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    Good deal!!!
    WISH LIST; Persimmon plant

    If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is probably not for you


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      Can we get a "Europe" subforum please?
      Looking for a European source for: Azores Dark, Smith, Ben's Golden Riverside


      • Dennis Katinas
        Dennis Katinas commented
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        Yes please. Europe needs some love.

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      I am new to the forum and might like to do some trading in the future. Can someone please explain how to PM a member?


      • PRfigs
        PRfigs commented
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        Just tap the name a the PM button will appear.

      • ginamcd
        ginamcd commented
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        Or, if using a mobile device, tap the person's forum name and their profile will pop up along with a "Private Message" button.

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      Thx that answers my question also


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        I do have access to some really good Muscat flavored grapes, for trade.


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          I also have more than one hundred fig varieties to trade/swap cuttings [this with members with no legal restrictions to receive them ] have also plenty seedless or seeded table grapes varieties .
          If someone prefers small olive trees of different varieties i can manage that too .