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  • Sao Joao Preto cuttings wanted

    Looking for Soa Joao Preto cuttings.

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    I have a young Sao Joao Preto, and with luck, I will be able to help you next winter, Paully. It took a long time to find it.
    Gary USDA 9A
    Sebastopol, CA


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      Hi Gary

      I'm glad to hear your cutting rooted. I went 50% on the other two (so far). Send me a pic...I'd like to see it.

      Hi Paully,

      I may be able to help you. If I can I'll PM you. What I'm really looking for is cuttings of Calderona.

      Rick USDA 10A
      Port Isabel, Texas
      Rick - Port Isabel, Texas / zone - 10a


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        Thanks guys. Keep me in mind.