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  • Cuttings for trade

    I have cuttings for trade of: Sicilain Black, VdB, LSU Brandy, LSU Gold, Hunt, St Rita, RdB, Pan E Vino Dark, Sal's El Gene, Beall, Igo (Wills), Scott's Black, Malta Black, and Strawberry Verte. Will have other varieties of plants for trade soon.

    Looking for Siblawi, Galicia Negra, Maltese Falcon, Victoria, Manressa, Zingerella, Calvert, Valle Negra, Vasilika Sika, Zidi, Igo prusch park, CdD Roja, Emalyyn's Purple, Hative de Argentueil, Fico Blanco, Sangue Dolce, any other very sweet highly flavored figs. I usually like the ones that shrivel and dry on the bush not the big watery types.
    Alpine, Texas 4500ft elevation Zone 7