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  • Wanted: Giant Fuyu, Jiro, Matsumoto Wase

    I want to graft my Chocolate Persimmon, looking for a young branch suitable for it.
    Can trade for fig cuttings or air layers if you tell me what you want and I have it.
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    I grow several different Persimmon Including those 3, not sure what Scion I have left in fridge however, and trees here are breaking bud. I am pretty sure I have Matsumoto Wase Fuyu and Jiro still. The Giant Fuyu you are looking for do you mean Hanagosho it goes by that name but there is as well Giant Hanafuyu and a couple other similar names and sometimes Hanafuyu gets referred to as Giant Fuyu
    Phil North Georgia Zone 7 Looking for: All of them, and on and on,


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      Thanks, Phil!
      There is a huge mixup between the names of Hana Fuyi and Giant Fuyu. Some people/websites say it is the same and some say those are different species.
      Is you Hana much larger than a regular Fuyu? If yes, we might be talking about the same thing here. In general, I would like to try a "larger size" Fuyu, whatever name it goes by.
      My Chocolate has broken bud a long time ago, it is almost ready to flower. I found this is the best time to graft since the tree is actively growing.
      If you can share any graft wood, please let me know.
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        I will try to check what scion I have left, and yes when the leaves are still small on the stock or just around bud break is the best time to graft, but the scion should be fully dormant, and It’s late to cut scion for most of us. I have somewhere between 20-30 cultivars of persimmon, aging from fruiting trees to new ones I am putting in this spring, many have not fruited for me yet. I don’t grow what I call straight Hana Fuyu anymore as my experience with it is I have others I prefer. That said I am growing several that will likely turn out inferior to it. I am putting in Giant Hana Fuyu from JF&E and I have a young Gosho which I purchased from Johnson nursery but almost 100% sure it is a LE Cooke tree. which I think is the cultivar most often referred to as Giant Fuyu. I believe Gosho and Hana Gosho are likely the same, but I don’t think the nurseries that label as such know any more than I. I have grafted Hana Gosho from USDA UC Davis which has not fruited I think I have a stick of it. Lot’s of you Left coasters including the nurseries call Jiro as Fuyu. In the past any non-astringent was often called Fuyu. Even some of the best nursery for persimmon have sold me wrong trees. My Giombo from JF&E turned out to be a very nice large non-astringent but not Giombo. I am planting the replacement Giombo as soon as freezes are out of way. If you are just looking for a larger non-astringent I will see what scion I have present. I like Matsumoto Wase Fuyu very much, because it is early for me and I think hardier that Fuyu, although that would not matter to you that much

        None of my business but you know Chocolate is a PVNA right which means it needs pollinated to develop the brownish non-astringent flesh. It’s normally paired with another PVNA that has some male flowers for pollination like NISHIMURA WASE. I know some places say Fuyu puts out a few male blooms but I am not convinced. I don’t think those you listed are going to pollinate your Chocolate. And Chocolate non-pollinated is astringent and not a really great astringent with my limited tasting of it.
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        Phil North Georgia Zone 7 Looking for: All of them, and on and on,


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          Awesome fruit! Thanks for the photos.

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        The Chocolate I have puts out both, male and female flowers. Because of this, my Hachiya and Izu had many seeds in them . I do not think that Chocolate would benefit from a cross pollination but I might be wrong here.
        I do not like the taste of Chocolate persimmon and would like to make it a non astringent type producing large fruits.

        Please let me know if you have any scions left, I will give them a try . Thank you !
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          Thats kind of what I was saying just didn't say it very well. Your Chocolate has female and males flowers but really doesn't pollinate itself very well I don't think. Is the flesh brown or have many seeds itself? Only when Pollinated fully will it be non-astringent and it will be full of seeds. Thats what folks pair it with another PVNA like NISHIMURA WASE. Your Hachiya and Izu don't have Male flowers so don't pollinate it, but they are pollinated by your Chocolate. Kind of a Lose/Lose The Chocolate (Pollination Variant None Astringent) you wanted pollinated to become non-astringent doesn't get pollinated, and as you noted not really good as astringent. The Hachiya and Izu PCNA (Pollination Consistent None Astringent) ones are full of seeds now. Your PCNA may be a little bigger pollinated with seeds, and hold fruit better, but I don't think taste any better opposed to some opinions, and not worth hassle of seeds. I don't grow any PVNA like Chocolate or NISHIMURA WASE for that reason. I do have somebody probably one of my lesser known that put out male flowers last year as many of my fruit last year had seeds. I intend to watch during bloom and get rid of that tree this year. I decided to make lemonade out of the seeds which I consider a lemon with seeds last year as I will try growing some of them out. I also should have some hybrids as my Nikita's Gift had seeds so by default they would be Kaki X Virginiana. I do have some scion left I will go thru it and let you know what I can send.
          Phil North Georgia Zone 7 Looking for: All of them, and on and on,


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            I also have a bunch of dormant Giant Fuyu cuttings in my fridge, if you have need of more beyond what's already been offered.
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              I have plenty of wild male persimmon trees that are about to break buds if you need any male scion.

              I grafted some Saijo and a large(~1lb size) Italian origin persimmon scion that I bought on eBay to the smaller male trees that are around the two large male trees in the background in my photo link.

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