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  • Looking to trade for Sangue Dolce

    I would like to trade for a rooted cutting or air-layer of Sangue Dolce.

    I have the following available for the trade:

    Coll de Dama Blanca-Negra (rooted cutting, available within a month or so)

    Figo Branca (rooted cutting, available within a month or so)

    Rafed's Genovese Nero (air-layer, available in the fall)

    If anyone is interested please PM me.


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    Does Sague Dolce need the wasp? Nate, by the way I like your cat! I have a Maine Coon but yours really has a primal/wild look - looks like he/she just wondered in from the wilderness.
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      I do not know if Sangue Dolce needs the wasp. I sure hope not!

      Thanks for the kind of words about my cat! I will let her know! She's actually a tiny cat, only about 7 or 8 pounds, but she has the look of a Maine Coon to me.


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        No wasp needed.
        Cutting sales will start Tuesday Nov 1 at 9:00 eastern