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  • Plants available to trade

    I have these plants to trade.

    1 x Macool ready now
    1 x Granthams Royal ready in 2 weeks
    1 x Ponte Tresa ready when the receiver is comfortable it can be shipped.
    1 x Nero 600m ready now
    1 x RdB

    I have narrowed down my wish list to the five plants below as I have no space once these 5 are in my collection. So PM if you are interested. As the PT is a very choice plant please understand that it will be traded for a similar choice fig.

    I am looking for Figoin, Sweet Joy, Martinenca Rimada, Sangue Dolce and the real Genevese nero

    happy spring

    Really happy with what I have.

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    I could help you with the Martinenca Rimada I will send you a PM
    Wish List -


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      Thanks to all for the Pm this morning. Here is a picture of the PT


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      Really happy with what I have.