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  • Maltese Falcon

    Maltese Falcon
    aka GM-5

    GM-5 was rated 10/10 for here the Northeast. Originally thought to be a large Mission type variant; but it may be unique and not be a Mission type at all. (1)
    This is a variety that came originally from George M. (Gorgi), It's shiny black, about the same shape of a black mission. It was very sweet, the taste is almost like a nice ripe Black Mission or a Vista
    I wanted some "oblong" (tubular/longish) figs from Malta. I acquired two; originally tagged as UnKnown GM#2 and #5, #2 produces small figs while #5 produces large figs. I had asked for an ID (on GW/FF) for #2 and was told that it is a Mission fig (small-type). At a young age, #5's leaves seemed similar to me, sooo, I assumed it was also of the Mission fig (large-type). It turned out not to be the case. So, I dubbed them:
    GM#2 = Malta Mission (hey! there is such a thing as a Vista Mission...)
    GM#5 = Maltese Falcon
    Here are pictures of the ripe Maltese Falcon fig that is pictured above. This is one delicious fig folks!!! The taste reminds me of the Col de Dame Blanc fig which I ate two days ago. The taste of a Maltese Falcon fig is both rich and very complex. It has a well balanced sweetness. The pulp texture is very similar to that of a good Black Mission fig or that of Col de Dame White. That texture is rather thick and "pasty". That flavor lingers on your tongue and palate for several minutes after you take a bite into this fig..........very delicious taste sensation.
    Click image for larger version

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    Additional Info:

    Additional Photos:

    1. http://figs4fun.com/Varieties.html
    2. http://www.treesofjoy.com/fig-varieties-collection
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