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  • Pajarero

    aka Pajarera

    Pajarera, A very sweet, medium fig with great flavor, known as the bird fig. (1)
    The Pajarero is grown in Spain, who has been cultivating figs since they were introduced during the Arabic invasion. An integral part of Spanish cuisine, the Pajarero fig is smaller and sweeter than its cousin from Turkey. Its thin, delicate skin allows the flavor of the fig to shine through. At the end of August, the Pajarero starts to fall from the tree, signaling they are ripe and ready to go through the drying process. Small families cultivate the figs and collect them once they have all fallen. After going through the drying process, the figs are ready for you! These dried figs are the perfect snack or addition to a cheese plate. (2)
    Grown in Extremadura Spain, the Pajarero figs have thinner skins than their Turkish counterparts. (3)
    Pajarero figs are one of the finest varieties in Spain, if not the world. These dried delicacies will remind you immediately of the glittering fruit of the markets of Extremadura where they are grown. They are sweet and mild, with a tender bite. (4)
    This is a small fig, very long ripening period, 100 days at least. From Cartagena, Spain. Cutting obtained from Encanto Farms. Used for drying in Spain. I was not terribly impressed. (5)

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    Photos: by www.OurFigs.com Forum member Rafaelissimmo
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    Additional Info:

    Additional Photos:

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