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  • Peter's Honey

    Peter's Honey.


    Brought from his native Sicily by the late Peter Danna of Portland, Peter's Honey is one of the best figs we have eaten. Peter's Honey bears good crops of light yellowish-green fruit with delectably tender and sweet, dark amber flesh. In the Northwest, Peter's Honey ripens well in warm city climates. In the country or in cooler areas, an ideal location is on the sunny side of a wall or fence(1)
    Peter's Honey produces a good crop of small to medium sized, rounded, green to yellow figs with a wonderful honey-like, sweet white flesh and and deep amber pulp. The figs are superb fresh, dried, or preserved and have a small closed eye. Peter's Honey Fig has a dwarf habit suitable for container culture and may produce a breba crop

    Photos: by www.OurFigs.com forum member MichaelTucson
    Click image for larger version

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    Additional Info:

    Additional Photos:

    1. http://figs4fun.com/Varieties.html
    2. http://almostedenplants.com/shopping...Fig-Varieties/
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    Zone / Region: zone 5a / central NY state
    Cultural practice: Potted in 15 gallon pot. Mixture of Promix, extra perlite, extra manure, gardener's lime to adjust pH, and extra peat moss.

    Leaf descriptions: Mostly 3-lobed, wide lobes, shallow cuts, medium sized (about 6 - 8 inches across, some larger), very broad leaf. Rough textured, and thick "tough" coarse leaf structure.

    Fig descriptions: Very tasty, sweet honey flavored fig. Quite often doubled (two figs per leaf node), and occasionally tripled. Fairly frequent number of unusual aberrations or deformed figs (e.g. conjoined twin figs, doubled in tandem position figs, etc.). Interior of main crop is amber or tan. Breba interior similar, but sometimes more red/pink. Exterior of ripe fig is light green / yellow (both breba and main crop). Somewhat tough skin/rind, but very sweet honey flavor makes up for that.

    Growth habits: Moderate to slow grower (but very strong vigor), with both a breba and a main crop. Holds its figs and its leaves very well. (Ripe figs must be plucked, and the main crop does not get the usual "droop" when ripe, though the breba crop does). Light grey bark. Main crop tends to make tight clusters of figs here. A very productive tree in this location. (Not unusual to get 100 ripe figs from one potted tree in a season). Ripens continuously here from August through first frost. Occasional splitting/spoiling from too much rain.

    Photos by M. Ferro

    breba, showing eye Click image for larger version

Name:	Peters Honey 20140728 breba eye.jpg
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    breba, interior Click image for larger version

Name:	Peters Honey 20140728 breba split 1.jpg
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    leaf Click image for larger version

Name:	Peters Honey 20140721 leaf.jpg
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    unripe main crop clusters Click image for larger version

Name:	Peters Honey 20140724 main crop clusters.jpg
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    Peter's Honey main crop fig Click image for larger version

Name:	Peters Honey 20141007 whole.png
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    Peter's Honey main crop, interior Click image for larger version

Name:	Peters Honey 20141007 split.jpg
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    Peter's Honey main crop, closeup Click image for larger version

Name:	Peters Honey 20141007 closeup2.jpg
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    Peter's Honey main crop, another one Click image for larger version

Name:	Another juicy Peters Honey 2014.jpg
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    Peter's Honey main crop, another closeup Click image for larger version

Name:	Peters Honey 20141007 closeup1.jpg
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    Mike -- central NY state, zone 5a -- pauca sed matura


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      Mike beautiful tree and photos. TY
      Chauqg Zone 6b North of Pittsburgh


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        The tree was purchased on Early March of 2014 from BayFlora nursery. It was two feet tall and very thin with a couple of leaves breaking at the very tip. It came in a 4"x4"x12" deep growers pot and very well packaged. It was replanted in a five gal square bucket in a mix of MG organic potting soil and peat moss 75-25% . It grew very little until mid June when it finally took up root and branched out very nicely. Fig embrios started to appear by mid July and a total of 23 little figs formed fully by mid August. About half ripened and tasted very promising for such a young tree. It spent last winter in an unheated attached garage.
        In early spring eight Breba figs started to form before even leaves and six stayed on and are rippening as we speak. Bumper main crop is present and new figs appear following each new leaf. The Breba figs taste very sweet and with a very good fig flavor with a hint of honey and cantaloupe flavor present. Very impressive for a Breba fig. Definitely a keeper on our North GA climate and our personal favorite as of this week!
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          Hi Mike, those pictures just made me go outside and dump a little fancy fertilizer on my young Peter's Honey from RT in an effort to speed things along. Lol. Thanks for posting.
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          Bay Area, CA (zone: 9B)


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            • Chrisk
              Chrisk commented
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              An update on the PH fig. It's in ground as of this past fall. Very reliable ,sweet large fig that with the right conditions ,it needs lots of sun, can deliver lots of sweet ,honey figs!!
              It earned its stripes in my yard.

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            I bought 3 Peter's Honey fig cuttings from Off the Beaten Path this past (2020) Thanksgiving. All three are now rooted well (they are in transparent cups), one has started to leaf out, another has the cutest tiniest fig on it! I guess I'll force myself to remove if, but it's so dang CUTE! These three are very promising indeed! The 3 Atriana cuttings I bought at the same time are still sleepy.
            9b, Sunset Zone 16, Hills above Castro Valley, CA (San Francisco East Bay Area). Container culture due to space and gophers. Happy to find this forum! Wishlist: Black Ischia.