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  • Moscatel Branco

    Moscatel Branco

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    OK. I am trying to learn about this variety. What is the history behind it and why am I having such a hard time getting info about it? I have read comments in various threads about it but nothing has been dedicated to it so far. How does it taste and rank with other figs. Sounds like I may be the lucky owner of one of these and I want to add it's story to my database.
    Eric - Lebanon, TN Zone 7a


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      I saw Nunuorig posted his story about Moscatel Branco on this forum while ago


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      Moscatel Branco is extremely sweet honey type fig. It has a perfectly closed eye and very sweet even unripe stage. I loved it


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        It's a delicious fig. I received a lot of positive feedback. There are others that also posted on the Forum. My neighbor has that and a Caralheto Preto growing. He brought them over from Portugal a gazillion years ago. We're trimming his tree in another week or 2.

        Here's the original post:
        So I mistakenly made a wrong turn down a street a block over from where I live. Lo and behold, I see peering over a fence this beautiful fig tree so well

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