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  • LSU Purple DFIC# 263

    LSU Purple
    Donated from: California, United States (Comment: Donated to NCGR, Davis , from [email protected]@@@, J CRFGA)
    Maintained by the Natl. Germplasm Repository - Davis. NPGS received: 07-Feb-2006

    A small to medium sized purple fig with strawberry pulp. Hybrid of hunt and a California Caprifig identified as "C-1," released by LSU in 1991. Recommended for the Gulf Coast.

    Released in 1991, this fine, red to dark purple fig is one of the most outstanding figs developed by Dr. Ed O'Rourke's 15 year breeding and evaluation program at Louisiana State University. The flavor is excellent and mild and the sugar content is high. It has a closed eye and resists spoilage. The flesh is light amber to light, strawberry red. The tree is a very vigorous, upright grower. It is a very vigorous grower and more hardy than most figs. Five year old trees may produce 3 distinct crops each year. 'LSU Purple' is highly resistant to leaf diseases and nematodes. Also, it had handsome, large, dark green, glossy leaves. The fruit are about 2 to 2½ inches long and run about 20 to the pound. Very reliable and excellent for use in containers. Great for the Gulf Coast and up the East Coast up through Virginia. The leaf has a calcarate base and 5 lobes with the central one being spatulate and the others being latate. [Hunt x capri fig].

    Photos: by www.OurFigs.com Forum member @JD
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    1. http://figs4fun.com/Varieties.html
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    -Zone 7b/8a Athens, GA
    -4th year plant in large (30+gallon) pot
    -Leaf variable. 1 or 3 lobes, some in mitten shape
    -Fig is variable in flavor so far. Have had a few good ones, but the past 2 years it has rained heavily, and crop seems very prone to watering down, although I've not had one split or sour. Flavor of ripe figs is sweet and mild. Cannot readily comment on flavor profile, as I don't have enough experience to do so.
    -Does produce a few brebas, but all have dropped so far.
    -Seems to like to bush out. Both my plant and the air layer I made from my plant have grown in bush form. Quite vigorous and productive. Air layer grew 4 branches between 1-2 feet in 3 months, but no first year figs. 4th year plant had ~100 figs last year.
    -Not overly cold hardy. First year air layered plant was put in ground and had complete dieback this winter. May not survive. Container plant has lost a few inches in some branches, but has survived well in 30-40 degree garage all winter.
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    Brett in Athens, GA zone 7b/8a


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      Just bought one from Lowes last weekend. Came in one-gallon container.
      Otmani - Dallas, TX - Zone 8a
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        Have one in ground grown from a tissue culture. Its an endless wait for fruit when you start from a tissue culture so I am only expecting my first fruit this year. One thing I have discovered is that this variety is a rooting fiend. The cat sat on my fig when it was first moved to a 2 gal. pot and broke off a 3" branch with many nodes. Broke it into 2 pieces and buried both not really expecting anything to happen. Both rooted incredibly fast despite their microscopic size. The last 2 years we have had temps go from late summer temps to 20 degrees before figs were fully dormant and had nights which dropped down to the single digits. In year 1, this fig wintered outside under a pile of straw with no winter damage. This year it is in ground but mulched heavily. I pulled back the mulch and so far it is looking good. It appears to be hardier than the 2 Alma's I have in ground.


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          jimmie aka JD | tallahassee.fl | zone.8b | davistating.eBay


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            Adding pictures that I didn't have in my prior post.
            Left: One of two dominant leaf patterns displayed. This one is probably around 20% of total leaves
            Middle: The dominant leaf pattern. Around 80% of leaves
            Right: The full plant.

            This is the first year that leaf patterns have been more consistent (e.g. not 5+ different leaves). It is also the first year it has had zero FMV symptoms. Leaves are large (8-10+ inches), deep green, and healthy, as opposed to previous years where they were often lighter green and misshapen. It is a beautiful plant as a bonus, with huge leaves and almost white bark on older growth. Mine is getting shaped next year, because its a bit out of control right now.

            Click image for larger version

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            Brett in Athens, GA zone 7b/8a


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              Very vigorous tree. Grew to monster size inground and produced lots and lots of amazingly tasty figs.
              The downside ? Not at all cold Hardy! 2014 winter did the trick and the mom tree is still struggling to recover! Thank God I took a couple of large airlayers the fall before and they reside safely in large containers!
              Very inconsistent leaf patern but the fruit seems to be correct to descriptions all times!
              Definitely a favorite !!
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                I received two LSU Purple grown from tissue cultures from Florida Hill Nursery about two weeks ago. I was impressed by their tolerance to nemitodes as well their flavor. Looking forward to growing these out.
                Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b


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                  Taste is definitely improving with age.
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                    This is my lsu purple tree and fruit. This tree has only been in the ground for one summer. this tree is very vigorous and productive. the fruit's flavor is nice and very sweet. the fruits have a jammy amber to red center with purple bleeding through. I wait to pick my lsu purples about when they turn black. if the flavor improves with age I am looking forward to the future.
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                      LSU purple , summer 2015.
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                        Hi group You will really love this fig tree with age, The figs get huge with time along with the taste improving I like them better than the Hardy Chicago I think the tree may get better at being cold hardy with time remember it was developed to grow here in Louisiana as a cash crop. I do have Lots of cuttings and a few small trees if any of your are interested P M me Hey Chris K how are you doing my friend nice Pic's


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                          My LSU Purple have been growing in tree form in my orchard for 6 years now. Two winters ago my brown turkey and Mary Lane trees were killed back to the stump, my Celeste branch terminals were killed. However, there was no damage to the LSU Purple. One winter does not a rule make but this is my experience anyway. Also, it needs to be spelled out here. The first two or three years, these figs are tasteless and a huge disappointment. It was so bad that I considered destroying all four trees. After three years in ground, the LSU Purples were the best tasting figs in my orchard. It was remarkable how age of tree influences fig flavor.
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