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  • Italian 258 DFIC# 265

    Collected in: Italy Donors: Kennedy, T., California Rare Fruit Growers.
    Maintained by the Natl. Germplasm Repository - Davis. NPGS received: 15-Feb-2006.
    Donated to NCGR, Davis. Per T. Kennedy, "from group of figs collected by Giorgio Grassi throughout Italy, gave numbers, later gave some names." Citation: Il Fico by Giorgio Grassi.
    DFIC# 265:

    Italian 258

    This is Italian 258 is very similar to Bourjassote Grise but sweeter. It is medium to large size with a solid dark strawberry pulp and blue-ish skin color. It produces a drop of resin blocking the ostiole which keeps insects out. (look at far right fig). This tree is in it's third year and is loaded with figs. (1)

    Pictures: by www.OurFigs.com Forum Member Kubota1

    Additional Info:

    Additional Photos:

    1. http://figs4fun.com/Varieties.html
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    This is one of my most vigorous plants that I have. A very rich tasting fig that is usually filled with honey.
    Grown in zone 6a and container grown.
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    Western Pa -6a


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      Here's an example of the leaf pattern.
      You may only view thumbnails in this gallery. This gallery has 5 photos.
      Western Pa -6a


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        Art, outstanding looking figs and greenhouse. Thanks for sharing.


        • kubota1
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          Thanks Chris

        • Taverna78
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          I can't stop looking at it ahahaha belle!

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        how many days to ripen typically for you guys?
        2020 Wishlist:
        white madeira, thermolito, del sen jaume gran, bordissot negra rimada


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          Thanks for the post. ISO I258. Put it on my wish list.


          • swethakyadav
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            I258 is widely available and not expensive. You should have no issues finding one.

          • ion
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            Thanks for the interaction swethakyadav. Hope so!