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  • Figoin


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    Why has nobody added to this? Something I recently learned from an Italian friend when I asked him about his Figoin..."In our dialect it is called Figoin but in truth all fig fruit of small size take that name, the variety is Verdino del Nord. Also keep in mind that here is the Blastophaga and it always possible a plant born from seed. Verdino means small green and del Nord means from the North. It produces 2 times".

    So there can be many varieties in Italy referred to as Figoin. Here in the US, the only one I'm currently aware of is the one Bass sourced. I wonder if it's different than Verdino del Nord and if so, what is it's variety name in Italy?


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      Here are a couple of links to the real Figoin Charlie.

      Fichi coltivati a Stanghella - Padova - Italy USDA zone 8 b Inizio maturazione fichi 20 Luglio circa. F icus carica 'Alb...
      Zone 10b, Miami, FL