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  • Brunswick DFIC# 34

    Donated from: California, United States (Comment: Donated to NCGR, Davis.) Donors: University of California.
    Maintained by the Natl. Germplasm Repository - Davis. NPGS received: 01-Jan-1982.

    DFIC# 34:

    California Rare Fruit Growers, Vol. 23, No. 6, December 1991:
    Very good; sweet and rich, but sours in rainy weather. Large, brownish skin, reddish pulp. Coarse skin.
    Used mostly for preserves without the skin in Texas. Ripens too slowly on coast. Bland tasting. Poor on coast.

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    Found for sale at the Home Depot in Loganville GA on March of 2014! Approximately 3 year old tree , in a 3,75 pot ,single trunk about 1 1/4 inch in diameter and 5 feet tall,very well branched in dormant state and three tiny Breba embrios showing.It was being sold as a Celeste but the picture was the one typically used to describe the Peters Honey fig. I suspected it was a white, Green fig and not a Celeste by the different bark coloration , round and very stumpy brebas and the general appearance of the tree. As the buds started to break it became more evident . The tiny leaves resembled chicken feet- claws, and a online comparison was leading me to believe it was a Dalmatie. The three Breba figs grew to a very large pear shape with short neck that got soft almost over night and dropped! The pot was buried in ground. Prolific main crop of 23 figs ,med to large size that to my dissapointment started to turn bronze. My fears were coming true. The dreaded Brunswick . The first ripe fig cracked and split wide open while still hard but desided to give it a try anyway. To my amazement it was one of the best tasting figs of last season. Skin bronze - green ,tough but Crunchy and crisp, pulp redish towards the eye turning to Amber towards the neck. Sweet honey flavor with light melon overtone.the rest of the figs did not split. Looking forward to tasting these again this coming season. I hope the brebas stick around this time.
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      2 years ago, I found this fig tree growing in some rocks in a parking lot. I had my trusty shovel in the trunk for just such occasions, so I dug it up and planted it at home. It's massive, even though I've pruned it heavily. Didn't prune at all last year and it just started fruiting!

      After doing some research, I'm guessing it is a Brunswick Fig. What do you think?
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      Ahhh...Southern California, where the growing season is long and there's no rest for the weary. Mission Fig, Parking Lot Fig and 22 other fruit trees.