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  • Brown Turkey DFIC# 17

    Brown Turkey
    Donated from: California, United States (Comment: Donated to NCGR, Davis.) Donors: University of California.
    Maintained by the Natl. Germplasm Repository - Davis. NPGS received: 01-Jan-1982.

    DFIC# 17:

    California Rare Fruit Growers, Vol. 23, No.6, December 1991:
    Medium-to-large, elongated fruit with brownish maroon skin. Large open eye. Fine-grained, sweet, juicy, firm, meaty flesh.
    Excellent for jams, canning, drying, or eating fresh. Vigorous, small tree. Prune severely.

    A European variety, probably introduced into U.S. from England. It is not recommended for planting as a dried fig variety.
    Brown Turkey trees produce a few large breba figs that are utilized fresh. The second crop has medium to large fruits that are also shipped to the fresh market.
    The eye is fairly open and the fruit is subject to insect infestations and souring.