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  • Black Jack DFIC# 249

    Black Jack
    Donated from: California, United States (Comment: Donated to NCGR, Davis) Donors: [email protected]@@@, J., California Rare Fruit Growers.
    Maintained by the Natl. Germplasm Repository - Davis. NPGS received: 07-Feb-2006.

    DFIC# 249:

    A large to very large purple brown fig with amber pulp streaked with strawberry. Some think it is identical with California Brown Turkey.

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    Black Jack Breba . The tree was purchased from groworganic nursery and arrived very well packaged and in soil in a 4x4x12 growers pot in early February. It was 32" tall and half of an inch caliper upon arrival and fully dormant. It was repotted in a square five gal bucket in a 50-25-25 % mix of potting soil,organic humus and peat moss. It spent a couple of months in our living room and at a controlled 68'F and that is where the little fig formed. It was placed outdoors and in a shady spot on our porch in mid April and enjoys full GA sunlight now. It has a few main crop figs growing with more as new growth shows up. A good indication that it produces from a young age. The Breba fig ripened in late May and tasted fair for a Breba of such a young tree. A keeper in my zone!
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    • great08
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      And... how is your tree doing now?

      It has been 5 years since your post.

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    I just received one monday from Rolling River, but unfortunately our weather turned during shipping and it arrived in 100 degree weather. The leaves were all withered and had fallen off the tree. Nice sized tree in similar growers pot, with lots of roots and well packed. Called Marc at RR and he suggested soaking the roots overnight and potting it up the next morning and placing it in shade to see if it will recover. I've done all of this and keeping my fingers crossed that it will recover. But he told me he would replace the tree, if it didn't. I would certainly buy from RR again. I hope my tree looks like yours in a few months.
    Ray in Columbia, SC Zone 8


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      • great08
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        Is this really a Black Jack? What do the leaves look like. I think my mystery tree may be one of these. Thank you

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      Today my son and I got to try out our first real fig grown to perfection on a 1st year tree. It was in a pot for two years and is now in-ground.

      They are supposed to get much more flavorful as the tree matures (and bountiful/larger as well). I ate the fig about 20mins ago and still taste a hint of honey from it. Nice!!!

      6 days after it began to ripen... and today it got a little shriveled on the tree and started dripping honey at the eye!

      How awesome is that! I was not expecting that.

      It tried making over 20 figs earlier in the year and could not handle it yet/it dropped almost all of it's leaves. So I plucked most of the figs and it is coming back. Starting to put on a 3rd batch of figs (probably because of the plucking).

      The flavor was a strong honey with extremely mild hint of melon. Should change with weather and age.

      Click image for larger version

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