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  • Black Bethlehem

    Black Bethlehem

    I collected this fig from a Greek Neighborhood in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The figs were ripe in early August. Excellent tasting fig, and super sweet. The tree is left unprotected in winter, and despite the cold it still produces an early crop. (2)
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    Photos: by www.OurFigs.com Forum member JD
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    Additional Info:

    Additional Photos:

    1. http://figs4fun.com/Varieties.html
    2. http://www.treesofjoy.com/fig-varieties-collection
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    Recent thread on the topic.

    Black Bethlehem. Found in 2007/08 by Bass in Bethlehem, PA (zone 6b). The mother tree is growing in a Greek man's yard in a Greek neighborhood, so it's assumed (but not confirmed) that this variety comes from Greece. The tree is never protected but rarely dies back and fruits well every year, it is planted near a wall in a town, however, so it gets some protection in that way. During the polar vortex (winter 2013/14) it died back to about 1-2' but regrew and fruited well.

    It has good, very sweet fruit that are generally early in the season, a little on the small side. I don't believe it gets many/any brebas.

    newnandawg's fruit photos (thank's Mike!):

    SE PA
    Zone 6


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      Tempted to trial this one. Have been hearing good things about it. I was given cuttings
      here some years ago but gave them away. Hopefully it is still available in eastern Canada


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        Delicious in Philadelphia.


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          jimmie aka JD | tallahassee.fl | zone.8b | davistating.eBay


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            Thank you....

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          Grown in Chicago. Very productive and tast fig.
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