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  • Barbillone DFIC# 195

    Donated from: California, United States (Comment: Donated to NCGR, Davis. According to Todd Kennedy, fig came from old University of California, Riverside,Citrus Experiment Station.)
    Maintained by the Natl. Germplasm Repository - Davis. NPGS received: 01-Feb-2001

    DFIC# 195:

    Per Condit: "Origin uncertain, but reported to be a bud sport of Blanche, and named for the grower at Argenteuil who found it. Tree productive of brebas; second crop small. Brebas medium to large, variable in shape, but commonly pyriform; ribs distinct; stalk short; eye large, with protruding scales; skin thin, easily peeled, greenish violet in color; pulp amber, tinged with red. Quality very good, superior to that of Blanche for fresh fruit. Second-crop figs medium; neck lacking; eye small, open, with dark colored scales; skin thin, violet-black; pulp amber, coarse, juicy.