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  • Atreano

    aka Atreano Gold
    aka Atreano OR (Original)

    Atreano reliably produces a good crop of large to medium sized, flattened light green to yellow figs with a wonderfully flavored pink to amber flesh. The small closed eye of Atreano gives it good lasting quality and resistance to spoiling. The tree is vigorous and is a reliable producer. Certainly a good choice for the South and Southeast as well as much of the West coast. (2)
    Atreano is a superb golden-green fig, larger than Alma or Italian Golden Honey and with a similar light sweet flavor. The golden rose interior is juicy and makes a fabulous addition to summer fruit salads -- marvelous eaten out of hand. The fruit hangs well on the tree, although it should be harvested promptly when ripe for the best flavor. Fast growing, sturdy tree that produces large crops of juicy figs in midsummer (1)
    Atreano is said to have been bred in Durazzano, Italy for superior production and taste. It was imported to America from Italy by fig lover Hanc Mathies and then shared with Belleclare Nursery in the late 90's. This is another one the three figs Hanc Mathies kept in his collection as he aged (along with Hanc's English Brown Turkey and Green Ischia). This variety is somewhat hardy, but it shouldn't be considered reliably hardy north of Zone 7. Does not seem to fruit first year after dieback. It does grow very well in containers.
    F. Bennett Zone 7A Container grown,
    My favorite honey fig! One of the first to ripen in my collection. A definite keeper in my yard. Large fig, delicious flavor.
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    Rewton (Steve) zone 7A Container grown
    This was one of my top 3 figs last year in terms of productivity and quality of fruit. For a fig on the larger side, it starts ripening relatively early (mid-August last year) and just keeps ripening until the cold weather comes.
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    Additional Info:

    Additional Pictures:

    1. http://figs4fun.com/Varieties.html
    2. http://almostedenplants.com/shopping...C+Figs%2C+Figs
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    Zone / Region: zone 6A, southwest PA
    Cultural practice: 5 gallon two bucket SIP
    Leaf descriptions: generally 5 lobes, occasionally less
    Fig descriptions: large, light green when ripe, pink interior, extremely sweet and juicy. Can be prone to split with too much rain
    Growth habits: standard growth in container, productivity is average

    I believe my plant traces back to the Belleclaire Nursery but am not certain. I also had the Atreano Gold, and it seemed identical to this.

    First ripe fig of the year has varied between 8/18 and 9/2 over the past 4 years, with fig shuffle to help with earlier ripening.

    Fruit pics - this was an extremely ripe fig:

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    Typical leaves:

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    SW PA zone 6a


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      Adding a few more fruit pictures. Hopefully, I will add more this coming year (2019). Fruit from a large mature tree.

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      Texas (N. Houston area) - zone 8b
      Wish List: Bass' Fav, Col Littman's Black Cross, Grise de St Jean, GM-172 Gozo Girl, and GM-25