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  • Arashendu Green Fig DFIC# 323

    Arashendu Green Fig
    Collected in: Georgia (Collectors:Mosulishvili, M., Plant Systematics, Institute of Botany.)
    Maintained by the Natl. Germplasm Repository - Davis. NPGS received: 06-Oct-2006.

    DFIC# 323:

    Accession was collected. 27-Sep-2006. Georgia.
    Locality: Kakheti province; garden of Marina's father, Shota Mosulishvili, in village of Arashenda. Tree was purchased in Tbilisi in mid-1970s. Latitude: 41 deg 40 min 8 sec N (41.66888889), Longitude: 45 deg 44 min 9 sec E (45.73583333) Elevation: 755 meters. Quantity: 6 ct

    "Green when mature, very red, rich pulp, good sugar and acid, juicy while firm, no splitting despite rain, small ostiole, productive."