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  • Ronde de Bordeaux

    Ronde de Bordeaux

    Ronde de Bordeaux is an excellent tasting fig bearing round medium figs with purple skin and red pulp. This is one of our favorite fig for its flavor. The tree is very vigorous and starts producing at an early age. Our tree has been growing in ground and has done well in cold climate. (2)
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    1. http://figs4fun.com/Varieties.html
    2. http://www.treesofjoy.com/fig-varieties-collection
    3. http://figblog.binhoster.com/ronde-de-bordeaux/
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    This is a top tier fig. A very reliable variety. I got three sets of crops from mine last year. I got a couple ripe breba 6-11-14 and main crop in the summer and then in the fall.
    The first two pictures are of the breba crop. Which I hear is pretty rare to have breba. The breba were grown in my GH.
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      Zone / Region: 9b Near Sacramento, CA

      Cultural practice: Grown ground with drip irrigation

      Leaf descriptions: Deep lobes

      Fig descriptions: Nice sweet/rich fig, didn't receive breba crop in 2014 (maybe due to many heavy frosts), continuous main crop. Fruits small. Tree branches out heavily, creating bush form.

      Growth habits: Average vigor, productive

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        Ronde de Bordeaux

        Zone / Region:
        zone 7A

        Cultural practice:

        Leaf descriptions:

        Fig descriptions:

        Growth habits:
        Needs lots of sun to be really good.
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          I was able to get a ripe fig from my 'Ronde de Bordeaux' it's first year from cutting so it does have potential to be precocious. However, for the following couple of years it has really focused mostly on growth (it's now in ground).
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